Bibb County Medical Society was incorporated in 1963. However, the organization has been in existence for more than 150 years, and physicians have played an important role in the settlement and development of the Central Georgia area.

The County of Bibb was created in 1822 and was named for Dr. William Wyatt Bibb, a well-respected physician. Dr. Ambrose Baber, a young physician in the area, was involved in helping site the City of Macon. His suggestion was to place it on hills overlooking the banks of the Ocmulgee River and away from the swamps, based on sound health reasons.

It is believed that in approximately 1835, the Macon Medical Society was organized. It was instrumental in helping form the Medical Association of Georgia in 1849. At the end of 1851, Macon had 15 practicing physicians and approximately 6,000 residents.

In 1905, Macon Medical Society was reorganized and chartered under the name of the Macon Medical Society of Bibb County. In 1939, the organization was renamed Bibb County Medical Society.

BCMS members have provided leadership in many areas, from health to education to culture. Area physicians have undertaken such challenges as sponsoring mass immunizations against polio in 1964 to lecturing on HIV and AIDS to participating in events aimed at conquering cancer.

Thus, the history of Macon and Bibb County is inextricably linked with the physicians who have lived and practiced in Bibb County.



Bibb County Medical Society
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